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  The Intermediate Section is designed for users who understand textile fundamentals and wish to better understand factors that affect performance, use and care of textiles for apparel and interiors. Such knowledge is crucial for product design and development. A wealth of textile resources that can be used as tools for learning are within our reach daily. Examples of these resources have been incorporated in this section to encourage the user to be more aware and learn by observation. In addition to observing variety in fabrics, users are also encouraged to look for problems such as pilling, snagging, and color change that affect performance.

For designers, images showing drape, pleating, opacity, and wrinkle recovery for over 100 fabrics have been included for visualizing the "look" of a fabric. To better understand the tactile properties of the fabrics, swatches that are part of The Textile Kit™ can be used in conjunction with the fabric images.

      The main categories and sub-categories in this section are:

  • Aesthetics: Drape, Opacity, Wrinkle Recovery, Pleating
  • Problems: Color Change/Color Loss, Yarn Distortion/Yarn Slippage, Pilling, Abrasion, Snagging, Shrinkage, Others
  • Defects: Fabric Manufacturing, Garment Manufacturing
  • Specifications: Material Specifications, Performance Specifications
  • End use: Apparel, Household and Institutional Textiles, Textiles for Interiors, Technical Textiles
  • Care Instructions: By Garments, By Cleaning Instructions, By Drying Instructions, By Ironing Instructions
Assignment Ideas:
- Determine which sheer fabrics are not suitable as dress material for a full-figured woman.
- Compare the care instructions for shirts, blouses and sweaters. Also explore the challenges a consumer faces in following care labels (calculate the number of wash loads for 5 items from each category).
- Understand and discuss the importance of specifications.
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