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  The Basic Section provides a wide variety of images used to illustrate the fundamental concepts in textiles often taught to design and merchandising students in an introductory level course. Video clips, experiments, and exercises as well as a rich array of images are excellent resources for visual learners. This section also allows individuals in industry to refresh their knowledge of basic textiles. It can also be used in conjunction with Textile Professor™ software.

      The main categories and sub-categories in this section are:

  • Fibers: Natural Fibers, Manufactured Fibers
  • Yarns: Categories, Types, Characteristics, Combination Yarns
  • Fabrics: Construction, Names, Blends and Combinations, Select
  • Dyeing: Colorants, Dyeing Stages, Cross Dyeing, Union Dyeing
  • Printing: Designs, Printing Techniques, Types of Prints, Imitations
  • Finishing: Aesthetic Finishes, Functional Finishes
- Video Clips of yarn manufacturing, weaving, knitting, printing, finishing and textile testing.
- Experiments - Stepwise instructions for fiber identification, point diagrams, colorfastness and other tabletop experiments.
- Exercises related to fibers, yarns, fabrics, dyeing, printing and finishing.
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